Pertekma T Shirts Are READY!

Posted by P.E.R.T.E.K.M.A Wednesday, December 30, 2009 0 comments

Long waited Pertekma T Shirt are ready for distribution. We appologize for the delays due do unforseen circumstances. Those who already paid for the T Shirt, we will start distributing next week. You may collect your T Shirt at the Student Interaction Room.

For those who still want to buy the T-Shirt, YES! we have limited stock on sale! So why wait.. Get yours now!!.. :D

PERTEKMA Batch 09-10 Student T Shirt : Blue.
PERTEKMA Batch 09-10 Exco T Shirt : Lime Green.

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About Pertekma

Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat, also known as PERTEKMA consist of undergraduate students of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Each and every registered undergraduate students of the faculty automatically is a member of PERTEKMA. The PERTEKMA body or exco are selected through an election process which is done annually. PERTEKMA holds various responsibilities in the faculty. Among them, managing the Students Interaction Room (SIR) and organizing events within the faculty. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact any of our PERTEKMA excos or email us directly at