Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009

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Today, Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat (PERTEKMA) is organizing the 2nd day of Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009 as well as Certificate Giving Ceremony of Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009. The ceremony will be held as follows :

Venue : DK CTF1
Time : 2.00pm

There will also be an exibition of 'hasil kerja peserta (murid...-murid SK Tambay) dan hasil kerja pelajar tahun 1 FCSIT' at SIR after the certificate giving ceremony.

Please do come and support and together we share the excitement and joy of the program...

p/s : Please wear proper attire when attending the ceremony as there will be VIPs comming. Thank you..


Faculty Online Evaluation - ITS STILL ON!

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Congratz to those who won best and most constructive comments and feedback. Below are the list of those who had won theirselves the 4GB Flash Drive from the Faculty :

1. 18259
2. 21681
3. 22571
4. 16904 & 19054 (TMY2908)

Prizes may be collected from Puan Nur Khairina at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) general office. Congratulations and thank you all for the feedback and response.

For those who did not win the 4GB Flash drive and have yet to fill in the faculty online evaluation form, there are good news for you!. The period allocated to fill in your online evaluation form HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED TO 16 Nov 2009. Due to the outstanding response, the faculty has added 3 more prizes for the best feedback and comments up till this newly extended date. Best and most constructive comments and feedback this time will win a book entitled "Persembahan Hebat dengan Power Point".

So once again.. Why wait? Fill in the faculty's online evaluation now, stand a chance to win this great book and at the same time help improve the faculty's learning environment. Click this link now and start filling up--->


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It is time again where students gives feedback to help improve the learning and teaching in our faculty. Please follow this link ( and fill in the evaluation form responsibly and constructively.

Best and most constructive comments and feedback will recieve an Imation Nano 4GB Flash drive sponsored by FCSIT staff. 3 Imation Nano 4GB Flash Drive to be won!!. Why wait??

Please respond before 19th October 2009.

Link :

About Pertekma

Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat, also known as PERTEKMA consist of undergraduate students of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Each and every registered undergraduate students of the faculty automatically is a member of PERTEKMA. The PERTEKMA body or exco are selected through an election process which is done annually. PERTEKMA holds various responsibilities in the faculty. Among them, managing the Students Interaction Room (SIR) and organizing events within the faculty. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact any of our PERTEKMA excos or email us directly at