Pertekma T Shirts Are READY!

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Long waited Pertekma T Shirt are ready for distribution. We appologize for the delays due do unforseen circumstances. Those who already paid for the T Shirt, we will start distributing next week. You may collect your T Shirt at the Student Interaction Room.

For those who still want to buy the T-Shirt, YES! we have limited stock on sale! So why wait.. Get yours now!!.. :D

PERTEKMA Batch 09-10 Student T Shirt : Blue.
PERTEKMA Batch 09-10 Exco T Shirt : Lime Green.

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Semester 1 2009/2010 Highlights

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Turn up your volumes and share the joy of semester 1 2009/2010...

Watch in High quality (HQ) for best results and dont forget to turn up the volume.

Thank you all for all the joy and laughter shared. Hope to share more next semester. Happy Holidays!!

MDeC Job Camp MS SQL 2005 is BACK!!!

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MSC Malaysia Job Camp Sponsored Technical Training Course Title: Microsoft
SQL Server for Database Administration (Intermediate)

Overview What is this whole thing about?

The MSC Malaysia Job Camp is a scheme initiated by the Multimedia Development Corporation(MDeC). The course is fully sponsored by government’s broader K-Workers Development Initiative (KDI).

Who is eligible to apply for the Job Camp?

  • Must have IT related diploma or degree, CGPA 2.5 and above (CGPA less than 2.5 will need to take a test)
  • Either unemployed or fresh graduate (could be jobless, retrench, in between job, resign from existing job, waiting convocation)
  • Of relevant background (IT background)
  • Citizen of Malaysia

  • Gain industry-relevant, step-onto-the-job skills on one of the most widely recognized and deployed database server applications today Course Valuation
  • A course with a market value of approximately RM 6,500+, sponsored to qualifying candidates for FREE* (*Time-limited offer & subject to available seats.) Certification
  • Upon completion of the course, an MDeC Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.
  • Course is designed to be sufficient and stand-alone prep for the Microsoft 70-431:TS exam that will lead to the highly-valued MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist): Database Administration Certification

Job Placement

Our partner and MDeC will actively assist participant with job placement in MSC and non-MSC companies upon completion**. Please feel free to introduce this program to any friends you know off. Interested candidates please send your resume to Approval process will take 2 weeks and upcoming batch will start on 2nd Dec 2009. Training location at Phileo PJ Selangor.

FCSIT Web Designing Contest

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Our faculty is organising a Web Designing Contest for the faculty using Joomla 1.5.

The contest is divided into two category:
a. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT -
b. FoCuS on Individual Transformation (FoCuSIT -

a. FCSIT website

to enhance and provide the faculty's website a new corporate look, relaying the essential information needed for prospective students, research collaborators, companies, human resource, etc

b. FoCuSIT website

i. a platform to promote the faculty's academic and research's activities, students' works,
ii. to attract prospective students to choose FCSIT as their top educational institution
iii. other relevant information

Attractive prizes await for participating students. Contest ends on 28 February 2010.
Winning websites will be published online.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The contest is open to all Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology students (both undergraduate and postgraduate).
2. This is an individual entry, NOT group work.
3. Participants can submit as many entries as they like. However, ONE winner is entitled to ONE prize only.
4. All entry is to be submitted to Ms. Amelia in a CD format, no later than 28 February 2010, 5.00pm.
5. All submissions MUST include a user manual on how to manage the website(s).
6. Judges' decisions are final.

Those interested, please email your name, matric no, program and the website that you are designing to

Please forward your enquiries to Amelia ( or 082 58 3643)

Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009

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Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat (PERTEKMA) has just successfully organized Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009. 39 primary school students of SK Kampung Tambay had been brought to Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology on the 17th and 31st of October 2009 to learn basic computing such as using Microsoft Words, Microsoft Powerpoint as well as Paint. With the help of volunteers who are among students of the faculty, these primary school brothers and sisters of ours had enjoyed every minute of learning and playing around with computers and softwares.

On the 31st of October 2009, also, a Certificate Giving Ceremony had been held to acknowledge the participants. The Certificate Giving Ceremony was held in Lecture Hall of CTF1 with the presence of VIPs, lecturers, staffs as well as faculty students. Among the VIPs present on the day were YB Tn Hj Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, State Assemblyman for Asajaya and Ybhg Prof Madya Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rahman, UNIMAS Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic affairs and Alumni). The small yet meaningful ceremony was also attended by parents of participants who were brought specially from Kampung Tambay.

After a brief certificate giving ceremony, all guests were brought to the Student Interaction Room (SIR) for an exibition of the faculty year 1 student's animation as well as print-outs of electronic drawing made by students of SK Tambay during the program. The day ends with a sweet goodbye and PERTEKMA hopes very much to see SK Tambay again next year for another edition of Program Sekolah Anak Angkat.

Program Sekolah Anak Angkat Album 1
Program Sekolah Anak Angkat Album 2
Program Sekolah Anak Angkat Album 3
Program Sekolah Anak Angkat Album 4

Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009

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Today, Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat (PERTEKMA) is organizing the 2nd day of Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009 as well as Certificate Giving Ceremony of Program Sekolah Anak Angkat 2009. The ceremony will be held as follows :

Venue : DK CTF1
Time : 2.00pm

There will also be an exibition of 'hasil kerja peserta (murid...-murid SK Tambay) dan hasil kerja pelajar tahun 1 FCSIT' at SIR after the certificate giving ceremony.

Please do come and support and together we share the excitement and joy of the program...

p/s : Please wear proper attire when attending the ceremony as there will be VIPs comming. Thank you..


Faculty Online Evaluation - ITS STILL ON!

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Congratz to those who won best and most constructive comments and feedback. Below are the list of those who had won theirselves the 4GB Flash Drive from the Faculty :

1. 18259
2. 21681
3. 22571
4. 16904 & 19054 (TMY2908)

Prizes may be collected from Puan Nur Khairina at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) general office. Congratulations and thank you all for the feedback and response.

For those who did not win the 4GB Flash drive and have yet to fill in the faculty online evaluation form, there are good news for you!. The period allocated to fill in your online evaluation form HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED TO 16 Nov 2009. Due to the outstanding response, the faculty has added 3 more prizes for the best feedback and comments up till this newly extended date. Best and most constructive comments and feedback this time will win a book entitled "Persembahan Hebat dengan Power Point".

So once again.. Why wait? Fill in the faculty's online evaluation now, stand a chance to win this great book and at the same time help improve the faculty's learning environment. Click this link now and start filling up--->


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It is time again where students gives feedback to help improve the learning and teaching in our faculty. Please follow this link ( and fill in the evaluation form responsibly and constructively.

Best and most constructive comments and feedback will recieve an Imation Nano 4GB Flash drive sponsored by FCSIT staff. 3 Imation Nano 4GB Flash Drive to be won!!. Why wait??

Please respond before 19th October 2009.

Link :

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Maaf Zahir dan Batin

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to whole of Pertekma Family and also to all family of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UNIMAS!! Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

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HaPpY MeRdEkA DaY MaLAySia!!!

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Happy Merdeka Day from us family of Pertekma and Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology!

Update Your Details

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To fellow friends, FIT students... Please update your details on the mentor mentee system. Follow the link below:

Thank you...

Mentor Mentee Day

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Mentor Mentee Day was held on the 25th July 2009. The annual event was held in campus on a beautiful sunny Saturday. The event, aimed at creating a medium for the faculty's latest intake students to get to know their assigned mentor, had started with the gathering of students at 7.00am. The day started with a warm up session with lecturers, students and staffs of the faculty doing the "poco-poco". The fun then continues on with games that involves both mentor and their mentee. Although the sun was out early, everyone had fun and enjoyed the activities. Staffs and lecturers were all at a very sporting spirit. Joy and laughter filled the half day event. In the end, it's all about the huge family of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology having fun and getting to know each other better.

Click links below for full photo albums for this event(333 Photos)
Hari Mentor Mentee Album 1
Hari Mentor Mentee Album 2
Hari Mentor Mentee Album 3
Hari Mentor Mentee Album 4


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Pertekma is proud to announce that the voting for First Year Rep as well as Exco Logistik dan Penyelenggaraan had been successfully carried out on Wednesday, 29th July 2009. Here are the results :

First Year Rep : Sia Yin Ming

Exco Logistik dan Penyelenggaraan : Norhakimey Lokmanolhakim

Minggu Bersama Fakulti 09

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Minggu Bersama Fakulti was held on the 8th of July untill the 10th of July 2009. It was aimed at preparing and educating the latest 2009/2010 semester 1 intake into Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology about the campus life which they are about to go through. Besides, the program was also targetted in helping the latest 2009/2010 intake students get used to the surroundings and the locations around the faculty.

Passing the knowledge and experience of campus life was done through games and discussions. 'Learning Fun' was the major idea which was brought into practice during the program. Various games such as FIT Explore and Mime was being carried out during the 3 day program. There were also smaller group discussions slots to help PERTEKMA exco as well as seniors involved to get to know better each and every individual registered into the faculty. During the 3 day program also, various information about Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat were being explained by facilitators involved.

The Minggu Bersama Fakulti ended on a Friday night. A simple closing ceremony was held at CTF1. Deputy Dean(Undergraduate and Student Development), Dr Noor Alamshah Bolhassan along with Pertekma Advisors, Miss Amelia Jati Robert, Miss Suriati Khartini, Mr Lee Jun Choi and several other lecturers and staff were present during the closing ceremony.

For more pictures, click the link below

For more pictures, click the link below

Interested to be a Pertekma Exco?

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Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat, PERTEKMA is currently looking for interested PERTEKMA members to fill in the post of "Wakil Tahun 1" as well as "Exco Logistik dan Penyelenggaraan". The post "Wakil Tahun 1" is open to Year 1 Semester 1 (intake 2009/10) students, where as "Exco Logistik dan Penyelenggaraan" post is open to all male PERTEKMA members.

Nominations can be done by contacting any Exco from 15 July 2009 till 22 July 2009 at SIR.

Pertekma Exco

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Exco Pertekma Sesi 09/10

Penasihat PERTEKMA
Mdm Noor Hazlini bt Hj Borhan (
Mr Phang Piau (
Ms Hamizan bt Sharbini (

Law Wei Han(

Vice President
Sharil Ekmal B Abd Rahman (

Nurul Sahida binti Mansor (

Lee Kah Mun (

Exco Akademik
Teoh Shian Li (

Exco Sukan dan Rekreasi
Dorothy Tan Xie Ying(

Exco Logistik dan Penyelenggaraan
Frendiktus Bolli(

Exco Kebajikan dan Kesihatan
Mohd Nurhafeezi bin Nordin (

Exco Pembangunan Sahsiah dan Kerohanian
Zaifa binti Mohamed(

Exco Publisiti dan Media
Mohd Hazrin Bin Othman(

Exco Tugas-tugas Khas
How Jiunchuan(

Exco Student Interaction Room (SIR)
Thian Bui Fat (

Exco Public Relations
Faridah Binti Kassim

Wakil Tahun 1
Ang Wei Phang(

Wakil Tahun 2
Yong Kim Foo(

Wakil Tahun 3
Liew See Kin

Marathon Day

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About Pertekma

Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat, also known as PERTEKMA consist of undergraduate students of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Each and every registered undergraduate students of the faculty automatically is a member of PERTEKMA. The PERTEKMA body or exco are selected through an election process which is done annually. PERTEKMA holds various responsibilities in the faculty. Among them, managing the Students Interaction Room (SIR) and organizing events within the faculty. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact any of our PERTEKMA excos or email us directly at